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I didn't die

Posted by Kajio - May 22nd, 2022

Hey everyone, it's been a minute, huh?

Did y'all ever know that I was a woman? Cuz it took me longer to figure that out about myself than it should have. Regardless I've been living presenting female fulltime for several years and I've been happier for it. If that for any reason upsets you, fine, but keep it to yourself because I don't care to hear it, and as always: remember who made you cum.

Other than that I'm still hanging in there and making progress on my mental health slowly but surely. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time, but still not nearly as functional and productive as I'd like and I won't stop trying until I get there.

Anyway, I've been making some erotic audio roleplays because my voice is hot af now and it's fun to perform with it. There are 8 audios so far that I've posted so far that are free for anyone to listen to.

You can check them out here: soundgasm.net/u/Kajio

I also share my audios on reddit, so you can follow me there to keep updated about new audios - here

And if you like my voice and would like to support me, please consider a commission for a specific script or personalized recording!

At some point I made a little bondage rape minigame thingie like my old flashes, which is for sale, alongside my previous full-length game, here: kajio.itch.io

I still want to make a Glory Hole RPG 2 in my life, but it's still something that I have to work towards. I hope that this post can assuage any fears that I'd ever just quit forever. I love eroticism, so you can rest assured that I'll always be creating some sort of fun and nasty content... at some pace, anyway.




Poggers m8 hope things are doing alright

Good to see you back

Hey do you do voice overs? Im always interested in finding connections to hire.

Sure, I suppose I'd be open to being commissioned for VO!

I wish I could hear you but links are broken

soundgasm was done for a couple days, but it's back up now!

Kajio! I've always had hopes you would return someday and here you are. Good to see you back and in good health!

Looks like a couple people forgot who made them cum smh
I will delete any transphobic comments and promptly forget about them, so do yourself a favor and don't waste your time.

You are not a woman.