Nagai Yamiji Progress

2013-04-10 10:33:32 by Kajio

Progress on my upcoming video game is going steady! While I'm still distracted by college, work, and friend's a lot of the time, I'm happy with the speed I'm getting things done, those things considered.

For those curious, here's a list of everything I've completed and what still needs to be done.
-Level design (I've drawn out detailed maps of each level)
-Enemy design
-Boss design
-Player sprites
-Platforming engine
-Handful of obstacles
-Most enemy sprites
-Some H-animations
-About half of the enemy AI's

To do:
-Few enemy sprites (~3 days)
-Rest of the H-animations (~1 week)
-Program other half of the AI's (~1 week)
-Draw/program a few more obstacles (~1 week)
-Draw level tilesets (~1 week)
-Add sound effects (Dunno how long this'll take)
-Draw/program boss fights (~1 week)
-Program/balance leveling system (Depends how easily I can balance everything)
-Actually build levels (Time consuming, but not hard... Maybe 2 weeks?)
-Menu/save system (~1 day)
-H-gallery images (~10 days)

More exciting news! If this game is commercially successful then i plan to move out of my parent's place and into an apartment with a friend and start working full-time as a bum/video game developer. I don't think I'm setting too crazy of a goal for this game, so hopefully I get as many sales as I'm hoping for.

I plan to start releasing more actual stuff from the game as development continues (and things start to look prettier), but here's a little something for y'all to gander at. It's a sprite for the Giant Spider enemy, which I think looks especially kickass when it moves around :P

Nagai Yamiji Progress


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2013-04-10 14:25:16


Kajio responds:



2013-04-11 08:06:23

Sounds good! What does the title mean btw?

Kajio responds:

Nagai means "long" and Yamiji means "dark road"

The setting of the game is Lovecraftian, so it fits well I think :P


2013-04-11 15:10:14

Good knowing. Is that Japanese? Are you by any chanceJapanese? I read a couple of courses on Japanese culture and history before 1969, planning on learning the language eventually but so far it's only stray words.

Btw, your Tumblr link gives a 'Not found' error. Maybe that 'h' isn't supposed to be there?

(Updated ) Kajio responds:

Yep it's Japanese, and no I'm not. Japanese is a really hard language to learn, and I only know a few words here and there, too

And yeah my tumblr was taken down a while ago because of a wave of report spamming, which caused a lot of people to have their accounts automatically deleted. I never got around to making another one or getting rid of that old link >.<


2013-04-11 16:23:34

Good to know. Looks like the link's gone already! There was an Asian tumblr without the h, btw, but maybe you knew that already?

Kajio responds:

Yep took 'er down since you reminded me, and no I didn't know about that actually :P