Nagai Yamiji Update #3

2013-05-02 19:15:15 by Kajio

It's been a while since my last update, so here's another!

Since the last update I've make some corrections to a lot of things, the lighting works better for example.

I've also added the spells, fire effects for the torches, the leveling/stat system, a hud and upgrade menu, a save/load system, made most of the first two bosses, and I've started building the actual levels. Also probably some stuff I'm forgetting...

So far I've built the first area, the Caves, and the second area, the Hall (well I'm actually finished that today). Remaining is the Sanctum, the Tower, the Courtyard, the Sewers, and the Catacombs. Longest part of building levels is placing the tiles everywhere... takes even longer than testing everything, I swear.

I'm hoping to get the rest of the levels built in about a week and a half. I'm also setting a tentative goal of June 15th for the first release. I might put out a demo sometime this month, I'll see how things are coming along!

Here's another screenshot showing the cave exit and a couple enemies, and a few new things. You can see a spell, the new fire, and the hud.

The full sized version is here:

Nagai Yamiji Update #3


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2013-05-03 11:11:15

Personaly I'm happy that you are making something other than the pony porn lol.

Kajio responds:

Pony porn was the best though, you have to admit


2013-05-03 13:14:48

Well, only three things seem to come to mind for this one:
First, would it be possible to make the zombie's walk look more natural for when he's on a diagonal block?
Second, why is her spell happening atop her head and not closer to her?
Lastly, what's that creen orb?

Kajio responds:

1. Not really, no. Unless I made walking animations for going up and down slopes for each monster, and even then it would look weird on transitions. Anyway monsters being on slopes is rare and it doesn't look so bad.
2. This is briefly after landing from a jump, so the spell is up higher because of that. It's hard as balls to get a good screen shot with this sort of action to look good since I have to be holding like 3 keys on different ends on the keyboard...
3. It's a jelly in mid-air. It looks good when animated, I promise :P


2013-05-05 04:47:42

looks bad ass. can't wait to play it or a beta test which ever. you know newgrounds will help you out in anyways you need haha.

Kajio responds:

Not sure if I'm going to release a 'beta', other than to a few friends (mostly for balancing more than anything), but I will likely put out a demo soon. The biggest help would be either to buy a copy or to tell your friends about the game :)