Nagai Yamiji Now For Sale!

2013-07-26 22:20:58 by Kajio

Nagai Yamiji

Download the demo and purchase here!

Journey though a Lovecraftian nightmare world, filled with evil creatures and cultists worshiping dark ancient powers, and battle giant bosses using mystical runic powers. The game includes over 10 original compositions, 7 sets of CGs totally 24 pictures, 20 enemies with H-animations, 3 bosses, and 7 unique areas.

The demo allows you to play up to the first boss, and includes a handful of enemies and CGs. However, the full game has much more to offer!

Nagai Yamiji Now For Sale!


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2013-08-27 15:17:31

I don't see how someones interest in tv shows should deem whether someone deserves money or not.


2013-11-16 01:04:02

Thank you Technature. People like him are just disgusting