Kajio's Hentai: A Plug

2014-08-03 15:00:01 by Kajio


So I've started a tumblr!  How about that shit?  If you enjoy my flashes, and want to stay up-to-date on my work, please consider following me there.  I've been posting pictures that I've done there, and it's where I'll spend most of my time in terms of interacting with my audience.

If you have suggestions for things that you'd like me to draw/animate, then drop them there!

This blog is an attempt to stay in better contact with you guys, as I have a tendency to retreat and wallow in mental sickness whenever I'm not producing content.  Hopefully this blog will help keep my updates more consistent and you guys won't have to wait months and months for updates and new porn!


I've been working on vectors of the Dazzlings, the new antagonists for Rainbow Rocks, and I'm pretty please with them.  I also may or may not be making a flash game with them involved.


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2014-08-04 06:01:47

All my friends will be like wtf dude your into pony porn....
and i will have to say yes
even though i dont even watch mlp.


2014-08-05 00:46:13

PLEASE! Make one with The Dazzlings. Maybe one with the three of them. Pretty please.

Kajio responds:



2014-08-12 11:57:16

like your hentai smooth animation but start reading the comments on some of your games ..just some ideas

Kajio responds:

I used to check my comments more often, but they seemed to have turned to less and less constructive.

I'm trying to start responding more often again, as at one point I made it a point to respond to every one.