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I hope everyone enjoys this latest interactive hentai!  Enjoy now!  This time featuring Futa!Parasoul fucking Filia from Skullgirls, as requested by a Patreon.

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Here's a friendly reminder that if y'all like my hentai to check out my tumblr, which is where I will most often post updates, new images and what-not that I make.

A lot of my recent work has been MLP-based, but not all of it is, so if you're not into the pone then there'll still be some things for you to enjoy.

My next flash game planned will be of the Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku!  Please start getting excited!  I should be able to release it within a week or two!

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Kajio Hentai is back with Patreon!

2014-08-16 00:15:03 by Kajio

Kajio Hentai's Patreon


Yes, I've hopped aboard the Patreon hype train, and I hope that it's a platform that will work for both me and my fans.  I won't ramble here, as you can find more info by clicking that link and reading or watching my video.

Thanks to anyone who even considers supporting me!

Essentially if this takes off well enough, it'll mean that I'm actually being paid for the work that I do, and I dare say that ought to motivate me to do it more!  Even a small donation can help make a big difference (they really do add up)!

Kajio's Hentai: A Plug

2014-08-03 15:00:01 by Kajio


So I've started a tumblr!  How about that shit?  If you enjoy my flashes, and want to stay up-to-date on my work, please consider following me there.  I've been posting pictures that I've done there, and it's where I'll spend most of my time in terms of interacting with my audience.

If you have suggestions for things that you'd like me to draw/animate, then drop them there!

This blog is an attempt to stay in better contact with you guys, as I have a tendency to retreat and wallow in mental sickness whenever I'm not producing content.  Hopefully this blog will help keep my updates more consistent and you guys won't have to wait months and months for updates and new porn!


I've been working on vectors of the Dazzlings, the new antagonists for Rainbow Rocks, and I'm pretty please with them.  I also may or may not be making a flash game with them involved.

Pinkie Pie Hentai

2013-12-05 18:20:32 by Kajio

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It's been a while since my last flash, so here's the next installment of the MLP parody series.  There are significant improvements from my previous flashes here including, perhaps most noticeably, new physics for cum.  There's still room to improve it further (and I plan to update it further before Glory Hole RPG 2) but I definitely like how it turned out so far.

Nagai Yamiji Now For Sale!

2013-07-26 22:20:58 by Kajio

Nagai Yamiji

Download the demo and purchase here!

Journey though a Lovecraftian nightmare world, filled with evil creatures and cultists worshiping dark ancient powers, and battle giant bosses using mystical runic powers. The game includes over 10 original compositions, 7 sets of CGs totally 24 pictures, 20 enemies with H-animations, 3 bosses, and 7 unique areas.

The demo allows you to play up to the first boss, and includes a handful of enemies and CGs. However, the full game has much more to offer!

Nagai Yamiji Now For Sale!

Nagai Yamiji V0.4

2013-06-20 14:16:29 by Kajio

I upgraded to GMStudio for this update! Major improvements to the wall jumping mechanics, and general compatiblity improvement. Also a size reduction and performance boost!

Anyway, it's up on my blog, so check it out!

Nagai Yamiji V0.3

2013-06-17 21:55:25 by Kajio

Here it is! V0.3! It has all the H-animations available in the demo and a few simple improvements. Handful of things that made the game better that I can't remember to list them all.

Anyway, please take a look at it and let me know what you think of it! The game should be launching in a couple of weeks, so please consider buying a copy when it comes out! :)